Mobile Information Literacy Training: After Action Review

April 16, 2018

At TASCHA, as part of our larger goal to improve organizational learning, we’re experimenting with using After Action Reviews (AAR) at the conclusion of an event or a phase of a project. AARs provide a structured format for reflection in order to learn from the experience. Additionally, since not everyone at TASCHA works on the…

Mobile Information Literacy training in Nakuru, Kenya

March 26, 2018

During the week of March 12, in partnership with EIFL and Kenya National Library Service (KNLS), TASCHA Research Coordinator Stacey Wedlake conducted a training on Mobile Information Literacy to 20 librarians in Nakuru, Kenya. The training covered the Mobile Internet, how to safely choose and download apps, how to search and evaluate information on smartphones, and…

Mobile Information Literacy Curriculum now available for use & adaptation

December 17, 2015

As millions of people come online across the globe through mobile devices, mobile information literacy is vital for those who have leapfrogged from traditional media to digital devices that provide instant access to information. Mobile information literacy is necessary to help people learn how to find and evaluate the quality and credibility of information obtained…

Teaching information literacy & digital skills in mobile-centric Myanmar

June 15, 2015

Until mid-2011, Myanmar was very much closed off from the rest of the world. As the government continues to liberalize media and open up telecommunications markets, mobile phone use is skyrocketing across many parts of Myanmar. The country is on pace to make a giant leap in the digital divide, with mobile penetration rates expected to jump from about 4% in 2014 to 80% by the end of this year. For many in Myanmar, using a mobile phone marks their first experience with the internet and digital technology, not to mention having a wealth of information at their fingertips, which is a far cry from the once heavily censored and government-controlled media environment.