TASCHA and partners to develop training that will boost mobile information literacy in Kenya

TASCHA, along with the EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP), Kenya National Library Services (knls), and the African Library and Information Associations & Institutions (AfLIA), will attend a series of meetings on mobile information literacy needs in Kenya in early November 2016.

The aim of the meetings is to develop a Mobile Information Literacy (MIL) curriculum for public librarians in Kenya, similar to work TASCHA did in Myanmar. The training will enable the public librarians to build community skills and confidence in using mobile devices – particularly smartphones – to seek, evaluate, and use information and mobile applications effectively.

TASCHA’s Melody Clark and Chris Rothschild and representatives of EIFL-PLIP and knls will meet public library staff, stakeholders, and experts in Nairobi. They will visit several knls libraries in various regions of Kenya.

Discussion will focus on use of mobile devices in Kenya, especially in relation to accessing information, and mobile literacy needs.

Learnings from the meetings will be used to develop a locally relevant Mobile Information Literacy curriculum for public librarians in Kenya. Mobile Information Literacy training of knls public library staff is expected start in early 2017.