TASCHA and the iSchool at ICTD 2015

ICTD 2015 is almost here! Hosted by the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore this year, ICTD 2015 will take place May 15-18, 2015. As is often the case, the University of Washington will have a strong presence at the conference this year. Here’s how TASCHA and our colleagues at the Information School will be participating:

  • Joshua Blumenstock will be presenting the paper, Promises and Pitfalls of Mobile Money in Afghanistan: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial, on May 16th, which he co-authored with TASCHA’s Lucas Koepke, Michael Callen of Harvard University, and Tarek Ghani of UC Berkeley
  • Joshua will also participate in two panels: “Thinking about market information systems: Bridging theory and practice” on May 15th and “Practitioner perspectives: Taking big-data evidence to development policy” on May 18th
  • The iSchool’s Ricardo Gomez and TASCHA visiting scholar Sara Vannini, along with iSchool student’s Katya Yefimova, Bryce Newell, and Veronica Guajardo, will lead an open session, “Photo stories: An interactive photo exhibition based on participatory photography with Hispanic migrants at the US-Mexico border” on May 18th
  • Ricardo, along with Dorothea Kleine of Royal Holloway, will also lead the open session, “Sharing experiences: Applying the capabilities approach in ICT4D workshop” on May 18th
  • TASCHA project Information Strategies for Societies in Transition will be represented by one of the program’s directors and co-principal investigator, Mary Callahan, along with one of our Myanmar fellows, Zaw Htet Aung of the Yone Kyi Yar Knowledge Propagation Society, in the open session, “ICT and development in Myanmar: Creating bridges, fostering coordination” on May 18th
  • The iSchool’s Karen Fisher will be leading an open session, “Digital youth as global wayfarers” on May 15th and presenting a note co-authored with Ann Bishop of the University of Illinois, Using ICT Design to Learn about Immigrant Teens from Myanmar on May 16th

In addition to the actual conference participation, Joshua Blumenstock, Chris Coward, Ricardo Gomez, and Araba Sey served as members of various conference committees in preparation for the conference.

If you’re attending the conference, please do say hello to the TASCHA and iSchool folks! If you can’t make it, be sure to follow the conversation online: Facebook and Twitter (#ICTD2015).