TASCHA faculty presenting at iAffliates Day 2017

TASCHA’s Maria Garrido, Susan Hildreth, and Daniel Kapellmann will be speaking at iAffliates tomorrow presenting “Public Libraries: Thriving Social Spaces for Civic Engagement.” The presentation is inspired by recent work from the TASCHA team on civic engagement and libraries around the world.

When: Thursday, April 26th, 11:00-11:30am, UW iAffliates Day 2017

Where: The Intellectual House, UW Campus

Abstract: Communities across the globe are facing the urgent reality of frayed and weakened civic participation. It has become increasingly important to create civic spaces where citizens can come together to solve shared problems. The world’s 300,000 public libraries are uniquely positioned within their communities to provide a safe and neutral space to promote civic engagement. In fact, many libraries currently offer creative examples of what is possible, from tackling challenging social issues to offering programs for youth to get more involved in their communities. This session will highlight how various libraries across the world are designing programs and services to promote civic dialogue and participation in the communities they serve.