TASCHA Research Seminar offers students an opportunity to get involved

We are often asked how students can get involved with the work that we do at TASCHA. During Winter Quarter 2015, TASCHA is leading a Research Seminar in the Information School (INFX 571), offering students a chance to get real world ICTD and research experience by working on one of our current projects, Information Strategies for Societies in Transition.

INFX 571: Technology & Social Change Group Research Seminar

Winter Quarter 2015

Fridays 9:30-10:30

The INFX 571 course will engage in projects related to the Myanmar Information Laboratory (MIL). The MIL is a USAID-supported center in Yangon, Myanmar created in collaboration between the Information School’s Technology & Social Change Group, the Jackson School for International Studies, and various Burmese partners as part of a project aimed at addressing emerging information-related issues facing the country, training leaders in developing and implementing ICT strategies, and offering information literacy programs to libraries and other organizations across the country. Initial MIL projects will focus on information literacy, peace building, and the 2015 elections.

This research seminar will offer students the opportunity to gain experience working on a real world ICTD project through supporting the work of the MIL in a variety of ways. The type of work students will engage in will depend on their skill sets and interests, but could include:

  1. Supporting information initiatives created by the MIL
  2. Building tools for the MIL and offering other computational support
  3. Engaging in monitoring and evaluation activities for the MIL
  4. Tackling research questions related to the MIL’s mission
  5. Producing literature reviews related to the MIL’s mission
  6. Creating a public information source about Myanmar, including short writing pieces about the project

Students with any level or type of tech ability are welcome in this course.

The course will be 3-credits and graded CR/NC.

Email Jessica Beyer at jlbeyer (at) uw (dot) edu for more information.