Video Digitization and Storytelling Capstone

TASCHA has a great capstone opportunity for iSchool students interested in digitization, information access, and curation of metadata schemas. Search for iCareers ID 8141 to apply for this project today!

Project description:

In 1999, TASCHA (then known as the Center for Internet Studies), held a seminal conference on the global implications of the Internet. The conference featured such luminaries as Vint Cerf (father of the internet), John Perry Barlow (Electronic Frontier Foundation), and many others. At the time, UWTV professionally recorded the conference on Betamax and left a rich 15-hour archive of commentary on the future of the Internet. Unfortunately, due to format of the recording, its content is currently inaccessible to TASCHA and the public.   

The overarching information challenge is –how can this material be preserved and edited to tell a compelling story about the future of the internet from 1999?

We’re looking for a group of students help us answer the following questions:

  • What should be the metadata schema to make the digital content accessible and searchable?
  • How should the video be stored and made accessible to TASCHA and others?
  • How can the video be edited to highlight the most interesting discussions? This includes combining different clips to address common themes.
  • Should new information be presented (e.g. data about the growth of the internet that might confirm or challenge what someone said 20 years ago)?
  • Should there be an interactive component to invite comments?

We are interested in your creative ideas to bring this material to life!