Winter 2021 class — Misinformation Escape Room

Instructors: Chris Coward, Jinha Lee, Travis Windleharth

Misinformation escape room is designed as a hands-on class for students to participate directly in an iSchool research project. The research team has completed the development of an online escape room intended to help participants learn about misinformation. We are now ready to deploy the escape room and measure its impact on people’s knowledge and attitudes towards misinformation. In winter quarter, we will be partnering with five public libraries to host the escape room (over Zoom with groups of 4-6 players, interacting with a website that contains the puzzles), and collecting data from librarians and participants about the experience. Research tasks include:

  • Research coordination – support for librarians hosting the escape room; overall data management
  • Interviews and surveys – data collection and analysis
  • Video data coding and analysis
  • Writing results 

Space for this class is limited. Interested students should complete this questionnaire by November 22 (registration period 1). While research experience is a plus, we are primarily looking for passionate students who are eager to contribute to an active research project. If you have questions, please email Chris Coward 


IMT 578 A (SLN: 21863) – MSIM 

LIS 578 A (SLN: 21862) – MLIS 

LIS 578 B (SLN: 21863) – INFO and PhD