IMLS grant to deploy escape room for libraries

Building on a successful pilot study, we received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to move the project forward. The project has four parts: 

#1: To finalize the initial escape room — The Euphorigen Investigation — and build the technical infrastructure for public libraries and other educational institutions to access and run the game. 

#2: To conduct a large-scale evaluation of Euphorigen in 10 libraries across the U.S.

#2: To create a co-design curriculum for developing new interest-driven escape rooms. 

#3: To run two co-design camps with members of the BTS ARMY fandom community and Black activists. Each camp will be about 10 hours, with the final output a new escape room.

#4: To undertake a broad dissemination campaign to support implementation of the escape rooms. This includes the development of training guides and other resources. We have partnered with WebJunction to undertake these activities.