New cross-campus partnership for ICTD Change seminar

TASCHA will engage with the broader ICTD community on the UW campus with a new role in a partnered lecture series. The Change seminar, which was initially hosted by the ICTD lab in CSE is transitioning into a cross-campus collaboration, and will be involving faculty and students not only from ICTD lab but also TASCHA, the iSchool, and Global WAch and I-TECH in the UW Department of Global Health. TASCHA research assistant Erin Mcaweeney is working with others across campus to organize the weekly event.

The first talk given by UW CSE alumni Neha Kumar, and her student Naveena Karusala, a PhD student in the CSE department. The lecture highlighted how the value of care was built into and fostered by technology use in a secondary school in India, and recommended how to support, leverage, and extend care via technology design in an underserved, technology-enhanced learning environment. Projected presenters for the remainder of the Autumn quarter come from the iSchool, CSE, Communications, and the Department of Global Health, with topics ranging from technology assisted learning to universal financial inclusion in Myanmar.

TASCHA’s Maria Garrido, who presented for the seminar last year, will be scheduled to speak about her work on access to information and its contribution in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. The presence of students and faculty from diverse groups, including TASCHA, across UW’s campus will foster increased collaboration, fruitful discussion, and awareness of related projects and shared interests between groups.