New website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new site. As an organization that studies technology use around the world, it was an interesting journey to develop a system for our own center. We of course wanted the site to tell the TASCHA story, convey all the right information, be easy to navigate, and so on. We also needed it to fit with our organizational practices, and the needs and the habits of our staff and allies. Both sides proved challenging and rewarding, and the process of building the site drove us to reach clarity around who we are, what we do, and how we do it. This website is the result. A few features that we find most compelling:

  • Navigation by research area, project, and publications
  • Greater emphasis on photos and visuals
  • “Chunked” content to help consumers of information to interpret, use, and re-purpose
  • An aggregation system that provides incentives for individuals to blog personally, while also contributing content to TASCHA

But we didn’t just make a website. We also created a WordPress plug in, called TASCHApress. We have a hunch this will be useful for other organizations and plan to explore ways to make it available. Stay tuned for further news.

It’s been a very exciting project. The team that has been most involved deserves recognition: Christine Prefontaine, Joe Sullivan, Celine Semaan VernonNed Zimmerman, Sonia Gaballa, and Rebecca Sears. Thanks for the work all. And congratulations!