Open research in practice: Open source, open data

TASCHA is committed to research that contributes to advancing knowledge and practice, and that can be used to make better decisions. One element of this commitment is open research — making research processes, tools, findings, and data broadly accessible and encouraging others to build on and extend our work.

TASCHA implemented project, the Global Impact Study, is an excellent example of how TASCHA is striving to make research open and accessible. One of the first research activities carried out by the Global Impact Study, the national inventory of public access venues in six countries, resulted in an interactive web database based on the inventory data collected. The study recently released the source code for this web database, so other developers can use and build upon it as well.

Another critical research activity of the Global Impact Study were the surveys of public access venue users and operators, as well as non-users, in five countries. The data from the user surveys is now publicly available, for anyone to download, use, and analyze. In addition to this dataset, the survey instrument and methodology report are also available. The venue and non-user datasets will be available soon, after the final report is released.


Global Impact Study inventory:

Global Impact Study user survey data & related documents: