Namibia Regional Library Evaluation

This performance evaluation will examine the first three regional libraries piloted in Namibia over a two-year period. The assessment will include activities leading up to the openings of the regional libraries (e.g., staffing decisions, funding allocations, design choices); ongoing implementation (e.g., programs and classes offered, community needs assessment, facilities maintenance); and program outcomes (e.g., service utilization, benefits to users). Evaluation activities include patron and non-patron surveys, panel studies, interviews, focus group discussions, site observations, and documentary analysis.

The findings from this evaluation will inform ongoing operations for the first three regional libraries and help assess the efficacy of the donor’s grant activity. Furthermore, key recommendations will influence the design and implementation of up to ten more regional libraries planned to open across the country. Together, the 13 regional libraries and attached mobile units have potential to reach new user populations and enhance the impact of the public library system in Namibia far beyond its current capacity.