Learning Technology Systems in Everyday Life: Women’s Experiences Navigating Refugee Resettlement in the United States

July 24, 2023

Centering Washington Tribal Libraries: Establishing the Foundations

February 9, 2023

Social equity is key to sustainable ocean governance

November 20, 2022

Calls to address social equity in ocean governance are expanding. Yet ‘equity’ is seldom clearly defined. Here we present a framework to support contextually-informed assessment of equity in ocean governance. Guiding questions include: (1) Where and (2) Why is equity being examined? (3) Equity for or amongst Whom? (4) What is being distributed? (5) When is equity considered? And (6) How do governance structures impact equity?…

Auditing Google’s Search Headlines as a Potential Gateway to Misleading Content: Evidence from the 2020 US Election

November 18, 2022

Private then Shared?

November 8, 2022

Volunteer geographic information in the Global South: barriers to local implementation of mapping projects across Africa

November 3, 2022

Benefits of Crowdsourcing for Libraries in the Global South: A Case Study from Africa

Data challenges for public libraries: African perspectives and the social context of knowledge.

Curbing fake news: A qualitative study of the readiness of academic librarians in Ghana

dimly lit aisle of books in an academic library

August 27, 2022

While fake news has been a common problem for well over a century, the emergence of social media and smartphones has escalated its spread. This study adopts a qualitative approach to explore the readiness of academic librarians in curbing fake news. Data was drawn from interviews with reference library staff and head librarians who were…

An evaluation of the library connectivity project through the lens of the digital inclusion model