African Libraries in Development: Perceptions and Possibilities


Across Africa, libraries are contributing to development in their countries. However, this work remains largely unrecognized by international stakeholders in development. To bridge this gap, this research examines the current perceptions of libraries among development organizations and asks how libraries may gain visibility as partners. Interviews with development practitioners indicate that perceptions of libraries remain low and limited but allow for possible roles for libraries as community-embedded institutions and development resource hubs. To engage these roles, the collection of output data is important in order to demonstrate the capacity of libraries to participate meaningfully in development work.

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Lynch, R., Young, J.C., Jowaisas, C., Boakye-Achampong, S. & Sam, J. (2020). African libraries in development: Perceptions and possibilities. International Information & Library Review, DOI: 10.1080/10572317.2020.1840002

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  • 2020