D4D Project Launch Under New Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center at UW

A photo of a school of light blue fish swimming in dark blue water

July 1, 2020

By: Chris Rothschild Senior Research Scientist at TASCHA and a Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Fellow and Dr. Araba Sey, Senior Research Scientist We live in a data driven world – a world that is over 70% ocean. Thanks to recent technological developments, massive amounts of environmental data can now be captured and fed into the…

Teaching the Importance of Data for Decision-Making Skills to High School Seniors

June 4, 2020

  It’s never too early to talk about the importance of bringing more diverse voices into data to drive policy design and impact the wellbeing of our communities. In late April, during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions, we were invited to connect virtually with a group of outstanding students from the Heritage Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota….

Supporting data-driven decision making in Myanmar through Advanced Tableau training

May 26, 2017

From April 24th through 26th, 25 professionals from several government and non-profit organizations in Myanmar convened to participate in an Advanced Tableau training and discuss how data can best be collected, analyzed, and used for decision making. As part of TASCHA’s Data for Democracy (D4D) project, the event was made possible thanks to financial support…