TASCHA Director to participate in European Congress on E-Inclusion

TASCHA Director Chris Coward has been invited to present at the 5th Annual European Congress on E-Inclusion (ECEI13) on October 3, 2013. This year’s event, “Building an Inclusive Digital Europe,” will bring together over 100 stakeholders and thought leaders from the public policy, private, not-for-profit, and community sectors in Brussels.

Chris will draw on TASCHA’s research to participate on a panel presenting evidence on the role of intermediaries, particularly public libraries, in digital inclusion, skills development, and opportunities for socio-economic empowerment and employability. Chris will present findings from TASCHA’s Global Impact Study of Public Access ICTs and the U.S. IMPACT Study’s Opportunity for All report.

Joining Chris on the panel is Dr. Gianluca Misuraca from the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), who TASCHA worked with on a recent survey of eInclusion actors as part of the MIREIA study: Measuring the Impact of eInclusion Actors on Digital Literacy, Skills, and Inclusion goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe. 

Also participating on the panel are Dan Mount from Civic Agenda to discuss the Cross-European public library study on the usage and perceptions of ICT in public libraries across 17 EU countries, and Marcel Chiranov from Biblionet Romania, who will present the results of an online survey of computer users in Romanian public libraries.

ECEI13 is a one day congress which explores the role of digital intermediaries in boosting digital skills, lifelong learning, social inclusion, and employment in European communities. For more information on ECEI13, please visit the website: http://www.ecei13.com/.