Equity in Education Coalition (EEC) Digital Navigator

Bird's eye view of a person in a pink shirt surrounded by digital mobile devices on a desk

This project will help Equity in Education Coalition (EEC) assess the outcomes and performance of the Digital Navigators Program. EEC and the ConnectWA Coalition, along with partners and subcontractors, plan to train and deploy community-based Digital Navigators across the state, implement a Digital Navigator call center and support line and create Statewide Digital Equity Dashboard. The data & evaluation team will collect a combination of quantitative and qualitative data to assess the performance of the Digital Navigator Program.

Most of the quantitative data used in the analysis will be collected by the Digital Navigators while assisting participants. For example, Digital Navigators’ will track data about the kind of help given and who received the help through a Salesforce and online ticketing system. Additionally, the aggregate results of the participants’ Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments will gauge the digital literacy skills of program participants. The team will also collect qualitative data to better understand the successes of the programs and opportunities for improvement. The team will travel to the Digital Summit to collect stories and narratives from the Navigators and community-based organizations. The qualitative data the team collects from the Summit will situate the quantitative data within context and showcase the perspectives of communities. Towards the end of the performance period, the team will deploy an end-of program online survey for the Coalition and Digital Navigators to capture final perspectives and help scope future work.