The Benefits and Challenges of Community- Powered Connectivity in the New Arctic

The Benefits and Challenges of Community- Powered Connectivity in the New Arctic

What are the social, cultural, and economic implications of increased connectivity for Arctic communities and peoples?

Public Library Internet Connectivity (PLIC)

Public Library Internet Connectivity (PLIC)

What is the current state of public library internet connectivity?

Misinformation Escape Room

Misinformation Escape Room

Designing gamified approaches to building (mis)information literacy.

The TASCHA Public Library Initiative aims to generate new ideas for advancing the transformation of public libraries as centers of learning, creativity, and community development.

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Equity in Education Coalition (EEC) Digital Navigator (2022)

This project will help Equity in Education Coalition (EEC) assess the outcomes and performance of the Digital Navigators Program. EEC and the ConnectWA Coalition, along with partners and subcontractors, plan to train and deploy community-based Digital Navigators across the state, implement a Digital Navigator call center and support line and create Statewide Digital Equity Dashboard....

Blending research and STEM education for gender-inclusive technology development in rural Ghana (2021)

What forms of social science and technology training can be provided in non-formal environments to give young women and their families a more expansive view of their career options?

STEM Education for Gender Data Equity in Costa Rica (2018)

How do we harness nontraditional learning environments, like public libraries, to address gender data gaps and lack of women in STEM fields?