Global Impact Study

The Global Impact Study of Public Access to Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) was a multi-year, eight-country exploration of the use and impact of public access ICTs. The study produced many reports, articles, datasets, and resources, all of which can be found in this collection. The final reports and summaries of the study and the in-depth studies and the survey data and resources are highlighted in tables below for convenience.

Collection Highlights - Final Reports and Summaries

Global Impact StudyDownloadDownload
Global Impact Study Public LibrariesDownloadDownload
Collaborative Knowledge SharingDownloadDownload
Interpersonal CommunicationDownloadDownload
Mobile InternetDownloadDownload
Non-instrumental UsesDownloadDownload

Survey data & instruments

TitleUser SurveyVenue SurveyNon-User Survey
Data – CSV formatDownloadDownloadDownload
Data – SPSS formatDownloadDownloadDownload
Data entry templateDownloadDownloadDownload
Methodology reportDownloadDownloadDownload

Tools and Resources

Data visualization toolView  
eBook version of final report DownloadDownload
Infographic DownloadDownload
PowerPoint slidedeck Download 
Research Summary Download 
Web version of reportView  
Inventory databaseView  
Inventory database source code   

Other Resources in this Collection

Briefing for WSIS +10: Accès libre – Aide à l’inclusion numérique pour tousBrief/June 2014 
Briefing for WSIS +10: El acceso público apoya la inclusión digital para todosBrief/June 2014 
Briefing for WSIS +10: Public access: Supporting digital inclusion for allBrief/June 2014 
Clustering users of public access venues: Analysis results featuring the Global Impact StudyResearch Report/June 2014 
Development through public access to ICTs: Challenges and policy prioritiesBrief/April 2014 
Global Impact Study inventory databaseDataset/Dec 2011View
Global Impact Study compendium on impact assessment of ICT-for-development projectsWorking Paper/Jan 2009 

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