Technology access & education for refugee women in Seattle & King County


This report is based on research we conducted in 2019 to understand the role of technology access and education for women who have arrived in Washington State as refugees. Our focus on women and technology stems from an interest in supporting and exposing services available to refugee women in the United States. The research, conducted in 2019 in King County, Washington, involved 21 interviews with service providers working with refugee women, families, and communities. Findings from this study suggest that access to technology, particularly digital technology, represents a foundational step in the refugee resettlement process. The report, Technology Access & Education for Refugee Women in Seattle, outlines key findings related to the importance of digital literacy training for mobile phones, the relationship between employment programs and technology training, and key insights related to funding structures and family priorities that deeply influence the lives of women newly arriving and living in the United States under refugee status.