The Benefits and Challenges of Community- Powered Connectivity in the New Arctic

The Benefits and Challenges of Community- Powered Connectivity in the New Arctic

What are the social, cultural, and economic implications of increased connectivity for Arctic communities and peoples?

Public Library Internet Connectivity (PLIC)

Public Library Internet Connectivity (PLIC)

What is the current state of public library internet connectivity?

Misinformation Escape Room

Misinformation Escape Room

Designing gamified approaches to building (mis)information literacy.

The TASCHA Public Library Initiative aims to generate new ideas for advancing the transformation of public libraries as centers of learning, creativity, and community development.

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ConnectedLib (2022)

Helping library staff make learning connections with youth

Co-Designing Civic Education for the Circumpolar North (2021)

Launching collaborative research to produce a model for teaching civic education for the circumpolar North.

The Community Archives Center for Tacoma (2021)

Bringing community members and organizations together to broaden participation and inclusion within cultural heritage collections.

Workshop: Public libraries as platforms for civic engagement (2017)

Thought leaders from libraries, civic media, collective action, peace building, media and data literacies explore civic engagement.

Information Strategies Curriculum (2016)

What skills are required for developing and implementing successful information-based projects in the digital age? How can informed analyses and appropriate solutions to information problems work for social change?